Coastwide operates three modern batching plants covering the entire Central Coast. We offer a wide variety of ready-mix concrete products, ranging from the standard grades through to high performance and speciality products including-
  • Standard Mixes – Coastwide offer a full range of standard concrete mixes, offering numerous strengths and aggregate sizes. All mixes are developed to Australian Standards (AS1379) and stringent testing and quality control programs offer all customers absolute piece of mind.
  • Colour-Through Concrete – We also carry a large range of colours for Colour-Through Concrete in stock. In the event that we don’t have the exact colour you’re after, we offer very quick turnaround time on our entire range. We can even have a colour custom made specifically for your project (minimum quantities apply) . Please click on the following link for a full colour chart.
                          CCS "Yorkstone" Colour-Through used in various cycleways, footpaths, ect, for Gosford City Council.
  • Exposed Aggregate Mixes – Coastwide carries a range of different materials for exposed aggregate projects. Should you find a specific aggregate elsewhere you would prefer, Coastwide can custom make a mix design for your project. You can even combine this with our Colour-Through mixes to tailor a result specifically to your needs.
                                                                                                                     Cowra White Quartz
                                                                                                                         Demnan Round River Gravel
  • Stamp & stencil mixes – Stamp and stencil concrete jobs often require a specialist concrete blend. Coastwide works closely with customers to constantly monitor these mixes. We can even tailor a wide range of options for those particularly tricky jobs.
                                                                                                                              Stencil Driveway
                                                                                                                    Stamp finished concrete.
  • Roads & Traffic Authority approved mixes – Coastwide can provide customers with a large range of mixes tested and approved for use on projects for the New South Wales Roads And Traffic Authority. Information on these mixes can be found on the RTA Approved Concrete Mix Register or contact our friendly staff for further details.
       Coastwide are proud to be supplying specialist high strength concrete to the RTA, Pacific Hwy Kariong upgrade project.
  • Green Concrete – Coastwide are proud to offer a new and exciting range of Green Concrete mixes to our customers. Green Concrete replaces various virgin materials, for recycled and waste materials. Fully NATA tested and certified, Green Concrete not only meets Australian Standards, but provides customers with an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional concrete.  
  • Specialty Concrete – Coastwide offer an ever growing range of mixes for specialist jobs including-
-Reduced line pump mixes, allowing concrete to be pumped through reduced sized pump lines, and over very long distances.
- Kerb & gutter mixes for specialist contractor placement.
                                               Machine placed Kerb & Gutter mix, a Coastwide specialty.
- Various “Spray on concrete” mixes for a range of jobs including pools, retaining walls and drains.
                                   Coastwide has specialist spray on mixes for various applications.   
- High early strength mixes, for projects requiring a specific compressional in a specific time frame.
- Core fill mixes in various strengths and aggregate sizes.
- Should you have a project requiring a mix that we don’t currently offer, our technical staff can custom design a mix specifically for your project
  • Custom Concrete - Coastwide are the specialists when it comes to custom concrete mixes. With a large range of decorative agragates and

           colour-through options avaliable, we can tailor make a mix specifically for your project.  


                                                                                Marangaroo Exposed with CCS "Gipsy" Colour-Through.



                                                                           Marangaroo Exposed with CCS "Pewter" Colour-Through



                                                                     Marangaroo Exposed with CCS "Pewter" Colour-Through. Finished result.